Talking with a child about the Coronavirus

Our children are watching and by now the coronavirus is in most of their vocabularies.

My three year old and three year old niece were having their not so typical conversation the other day. At first they were fighting over sharing Pringles which was typical.  Then my son told my niece she had to share because we couldn’t go to the store to get him more because they would catch the coronavirus. Even at three this virus has entered his world.

My six year old was excited like I’ve never seen him before about playing his first soccer game of the season last weekend which of course ended up being cancelled.  Later conversations were about our church gathering being cancelled, his Bible study and his school. He’s been asking me some good, thought provoking questions. Today we sat down and just talked about how he was doing with all this.

I’m sure anyone reading this that has a child of school age has faced similar things.

So what can we tell our children?  Now my 3 year old is on a whole different level of thinking than my almost 7 year old but what they both needed to hear was the Gospel.

Mama reading its what you need to hear too.

We can tell our children:

  1. God is good.
  2. We live in a broken world where diseases like this coronavirus happen and other sad things.
  3. There was a time when this wasn’t the case because the first two people God created lived in a beautiful garden and enjoyed Gods creation and spending time with God.
  4. BUT this didn’t last. The people looked for goodness and joy in other places outside of God and turned away from him. This we know is called sin and sin separates us from God. This is why we see hard, sad things in our world. We all like the first two people have run away from God looking for joy in other things. On our own we could never run back to God because our sin.
  5. However, God ran to us!!!! God came down to the earth not because we are good but because he is. Jesus came to seek and save the lost!!! We are all lost and Jesus came to save us! Jesus died on a cross taking the punishment that we all deserve but because he never sinned He rose from the dead.
  6. Jesus is alive today and he is coming back to earth one day and is making all the bad things go away. There will be no more sad things or people getting sick. All the people who love Jesus will be with Him forever. People from every nation who love Jesus will be filled with Joy forever!

Friends its not a script we tell our children and each other. It’s the truth and truth is a person. Jesus says He is the way, the truth and the life! It’s ok when you can’t answer all your children’s questions. I can’t answer some of the ones that come out of my boys mouths but we can always point them to the TRUTH, who is Christ the Lord. You can lean hard on him during this time.

Since many are home looking for things to do with your little ones here are some amazing Easter resources and activities that you may enjoy doing together. https://www.risenmotherhood.com/easter

Grace and Peace in Christ,



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