Hi I’m Lane. Married to Matt. Mom to Davis and Wilder. My heart breaks for those who have yet to ever hear the saving power in the name of Jesus(3 billion people), my heart hurts for the religious that sit in a church maybe every Sunday and believe a false gospel and have yet to turn and follow Jesus(this was me for 26 years), and I hurt for the one that has given up on knowing God for various reasons. Wherever you are I only hope this is a place that turns your eyes to Jesus.

I encourage you first and always go to Gods Word before even looking here. Read His Word. Camp in scripture even when you don’t feel like it. Test everything you read here in scripture. Being with God in his Word is my favorite place and I only hope to point others there and to encourage others to live a life of reckless abandon and obedience with their eyes fixed on Jesus wherever God leads, in every season good and hard all for the glory of God because He is worthy.